When we talk about hair removal systems there may be many options to choose, some of them are: Puff-IT Miracle Powder, waxing, tweezing or something of the surgical nature that uses electrolysis. Personally, I used to go with using a boxed razor, for my eyebrows anyway. I used it because I wanted full control over how and where I wanted the hair removed.hair removal 1

Sure I would nip myself occasionally. However, it beats getting waxed and having the top of my eyelids red and swollen. Let’s look at the other procedures, their effectiveness and their Drawbacks.


Effectiveness: The Puff-IT Miracle Powder makes your hair grow thinner until it is hardly visible from normal distance. Once you have achieved the desired thickness, you can stop.

Drawback: you need to perform separate hair removal procedure like waxing for best performance. This way, you will get maximum result in shortest time possible


Effectiveness: Waxing removes the hair with precision and there usually isn’t any left behind. It also gives you great eyebrow cuts and bikini lines.

Drawback: It is painful and causes redness and swelling (although both go away quickly).


Effectiveness: Tweezing also gives you precise design for the eyebrows.

Drawback: You have to pluck one at a time which is painful. Because it is only one at a time, it makes the pain long and drawn out.


Effectiveness: Surgery using electrolysis removes all hair and causes it to never grow back.

Drawback: It costs way too much, it is way too painful and there are less expensive and painful procedures with the less results than the Puff-IT Miracle Powder.

Removing unwanted hair with any type of hair removal system is a great idea. You just have to choose which system is right for your budget and needs. You also have to take into consideration how well you are with dealing with pain.