When researching laser hair removal, a person is bound to come across the term SHR. SHR is an abbreviation that stands for Super Hair Removal. This technique is an improvement on the laser hair removal technology and is being integrated in clinical laser hair removal machines. Overall, the SHR technology claims to be less painful than conventional laser technology.

SHR works in a slightly different way than ordinary IPL laser hair removal. In the latter, energy is transferred to the root by way of the hair melanin; SHR instead transfers energy not just through melanin, but also the skin. Even more important is how much energy that the method uses. Whereas IPL transfers a significant amount of energy to the root all at once, SHR gently heats the areas down to the root in a gradual heating process.

The result is that SHR improves conventional laser technology by making it less painful and more effective. Since typical lasers use only the hair melanin, it does not work as well on light-colored hair; SHR remedies this by the heating of the skin layer, which is even effective on dark-colored skin. While typical laser treatments shoots a significant amount of energy to the hair at once, resulting in a sharp pain, SHR uses gentle bursts of energy, reducing the pain.

Even though it remains a laser treatment, the benefits of SHR show themselves as an alternative to conventional laser treatment. It is a worthwhile option for those who are still set to undergo laser treatments to remove hair.