Laser hair removal has some short-term potential dangers such as redness and swelling. It usually happens only for a few days. But in rare cases, if a procedure was improperly conducted, it can cause other dangers: the risk of burns.

If you trust the hair removal procedure on person that is not experienced with laser hair removal, there will probably be some mistakes in the hair removal process. Your skin may get burned because instead of the hair follicles, the skin absorbs the heat and energy of the laser. So it is crucial to research and decide the right professionals that will perform the right procedure with the laser hair removal method.

Another short-term danger is when a lidocaine cream is applied to anesthetize the skin before the hair removal. That cream may cause deaths. A lidocaine cream should be measured properly. An excess of this cream may be dangerous. An autopsy conducted by forensic investigators stated that overdosage of Lidocaine is absorbed into the bloodstream, which causes seizures and cardiac arrest, leading him/her to a lack of oxygen to breathe and to send to his/her brain. Lidocaine overdose is a serious issue in laser hair removal dangers. It can induce an allergic reaction.

The trend of spas that offer the newest laser treatments, and claim their service is FDA approved, 100% risk free, even painless, is also a big problem. In fact, many patients risk developing skin burns and experiencing severe pain.

Other internal dangers of laser treatment include technician’s errors and inexperience. Some technicians performing the laser hair removal procedure may have little experience and training using the laser. There is a chance of receiving an improper procedure that may cause skin burns, swelling, and worst of all, permanent damage.

It is better to consider your hair removal and discuss it with a professional. The professional will tell you the information about your skin and what method suits you best for your hair removal treatment. This does not mean that you should avoid laser hair removal, but you should consider your budget, type of skin, and so on. If there is a better option, you might want take it.