Everyone like sweets, in fact, sweets have become part of our daily life. Even for people who taste sweets regularly would still love them, but we shouldn’t do it more often because in fact excesses, moreover sweets are not good for our body.

If we take a closer look, we can notice that the benefits and drawbacks of eating sweets are quite balanced. In brief, there are a lot of advantages of eating sweets, but they can lead to severe diseases if you exaggerate.sweets

A person who does some moderate physical activity needs maximum sixty grams of sugar every day. However, people usually consume a lot more because they aren’t aware of the fact that all aliments contain smaller or larger doses of sugar. When it comes to sweets, most of those we find on the market contain a wide range of very dangerous E-s. We have E102, which is a yellow colorant found in ice cream and which leads to cancer. Then, we have E951, which is very sweet and which tastes like bubble gum. This is also present in jelly and it leads to headaches and depression. Last but not least, we have E954, which is used as a replacement for sugar. We can find it in gems, syrups, cookies and so on and it leads to headaches, respiratory problems, and diarrhea.

The medical studies have proven that the persons who eat sweets are more optimistic. They lead to the release of serotonin, but they also lead to high levels of glucose. Chocolate is the most responsible for all these things, but you can also choose to eat fruit, which also contain sugars. There are three types of sugars fruit contain, these being sucrose, fructose and glucose. Bananas are best-known for the amount of brown sugar they contain.