hair-removal-cream-safe-1Have you been using depilatory cream lately? It is sure easy and comfy to use. But remember that something easy always come with a price. Depilatory creams are made with the composition of active ingredients sodium and calcium thioglycolate. This elements works by dissolving the protein structure of hair from the surface of skin. The results can last up to two weeks. Depilatory creams are often used on legs, underarms and the bikini and face areas.

While some people are very comfortable with the product, they are still unpleasant to certain people. Allergic reactions can happen as a consequence of using depilatory creams. For this reason, most companies recommend that users test the cream on a small area of skin to check for a rash or inflammation in advance. Chemical burns can result if the cream is left on skin for too long, resulting in stinging, burning and redness. The risk of irritation increases if the cream is applied to damaged skin. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has received reports of rashes, peeling, stinging, burns and blisters that occur as a result of using depilatory creams.

One thing you should also consider: odor. The chemical substances in depilatory creams give off a strong odor that may be difficult to bear, especially if the cream is used anywhere near the nose, like on the upper lip. Even you have washed off the cream, the odor can still stay on skin for several hours. The creams can also be messy when you try to apply on your body, especially to large areas such as the arms or legs. If it covers a large area, waiting the instructed amount of time for the cream to take effect can be quite inconvenient. You to plan wisely what to do with your own body. Once you make a mistake, the consequences could be grave.

The best method is still the conventional one, like sugaring or waxing. But don’t forget to apply Puff-IT Miracle Powder on the applied area, and you will be surprised by the result!