Who doesn’t know about smoothies? They are easy to make, healthy, and super tasty. Smoothies can be your best solution for various health problems. Basically, fruits or veggies that are used in smoothies, will not lose their nutrition, but we can improve the taste to suit our appetite. Recently, there are studies about nutrition needed by our hair so they can grow healthily. Guess the good news, we could make smoothies with certain ingredients to help our hair grow!smoothies

A healthy hair growth needs a lot of nutrition. A clinically proven hair growth supplement can make a world of change to your hair, helping to nourish follicles with the Vitamin C, Iron, Zinc and B-vitamins your hair needs to reduce hair shedding and increase hair growth. But if a good hair growth supplement is not available, a nutrient-rich diet complete in lean proteins, vitamins and minerals does help nourish hair.

A healthy hair growth smoothie prepared with fresh fruits and vegetables that is low in sugar contains a wide range of health benefits for hair and skin. Good smoothies for healthy hair will be made with dark leafy greens, berries, nuts like walnuts or almonds, avocados and flax seeds. A good hair growth smoothie will supply some or all of the following nutrients: Iron, Vitamin C, Protein, Niacin, Zinc and Biotin for hair growth.

You could just look for those ingredients in the market and prepare them fresh for maximum benefits. Start trying your own smoothies and get quick results.