If you have been considering the different methods of different hair removal out there, you have certainly heard about hair removal by waxing. This procedure is quite easy and simple, but a bit painful. For many people, they will have after-effects every couple of weeks such as skin burn, skin pain, or exfoliated skin. This is especially true when waxing is performed on the face.

Although waxing can be done at leisure time, letting the waxing salon perform the procedure is recommended. This is intended for individuals to have a waxing hair removal procedure conducted by a professional operator which is quicker, less painful and has better results. You will get better services like free consultation and free skin test. In some cases, sensitive skin required more treatment than normal ones. So if you are one of the people who have sensitive skin, it is better to consult your skin issues to a professional first before taking a further step to the waxing hair removal.

The waxing procedure involves several things. It begins with a warm wax applied to the skin. The paper is applied on it. When the wax cools, it sticks to the hair and to the paper. Then the paper is pulled quickly from the skin, pulling hair from the follicles so that the hair will not grow back for several weeks. Some people even wax their hair again a few months later. This is because the hair is thinner and softer. There are several side effects of waxing:

Red Skin. This is one of the most common reactions to the waxing hair removal procedure. It happens to most people and is just a temporary reaction that your skin gets from being shocked. It will be gone after a few minutes. In some cases, sensitive skin suffered longer than normal skin.

Pain. The pain occurs when the hair is pulled from the skin. The thicker the hair, the more painful it will be.

To ensure you will get better results from the waxing method, the best course of action is to get a professional operator with certification and experience to do it for you.