Many people have been shaving for some time and know what it supposedly means – removing unwanted hair. But it does not mean they know about all the facts of shaving. Here, the myths and facts of shaving are discussed.

Firstly, many people think that shaving hair only makes it grow back thicker and darker. It is a myth! The fact is, when your hair grows back darker and thicker, it is not because of shaving. But when you shave your hair, the softer ends have been cut with a razor. If the hair grows back undisturbed, it may seem softer and smoother. Just let it grow long enough and you will see the point.

Some say that shaving with soap and water will make your shaving procedure smooth and safe; that is not true. Although some soaps with lotion can make your shaving smooth, most of them do not support protection for your skin. They may cause razor burns and nicks. Some say that a new razor will give a better cut compared to a dulled razor. This is not true also. When you get a new sharp razor, you tend to be careless with it and cut your skin.

Some people think that pressing harder when shaving the hair will give you a closer shave. Actually, it just makes your skin prone to razor burn and skin burn. You cannot shave your tan off! Probably some people have thought that shaving will help to get rid of a tan faster. Actually, it is harmful for the outer layers of skin. Besides, tanning is permanent on the skin and shaving can do nothing for it.

It is probably very nice to have clean or hairless armpits. It may seem like the shaving method is the only choice when you are about to wear something sleeveless. In fact, shaving underarm hair will only create another side effect, like accumulating bacteria. You can replace it by using the powdering method, a safer and less painful one.