For both women and men, the face is the most interesting part of their body. Almost all women spend their budget on lipstick, makeup, facial powder, and other cosmetics that make them look beautiful. But some of them have problems with unwanted hair on their face, one of the different reasons for them to undergo hair removal.

Excessive hair on several parts such as the chin, lips and cheek is very irritating for women. There are three main reasons why this happens: genetics, hormonal imbalance, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

There are a few methods for unwanted hair removal which depend on the price, difficulties, frequencies, procedures, and so on.

Shaving is the most common method of facial hair removal. This cheap and easy procedure does not require a doctor’s consultation. But it is less effective since it is just a temporary fix. It requires the process repeated several times a week and even every day. Shaving is a quick method but not an answer for permanent hair removal for women to get rid of facial hair.

Waxing can be an alternative. But the skin may hurt after applying it. In some cases there are even effects like skin burn and scars. But the result lasts for one to six weeks, depending on the growth rate.

Puff-IT Miracle Powder brings a more natural approach to hair removal.

Using Hair Removal Powder. This natural way is the simplest and easiest method of facial hair removal. You can use it by simply applying it on your unwanted areas and waiting for few minutes for the hair to fall off smoothly. It is very easy to remove the unwanted hair precisely since it is possible to have full control over where the powder is applied.

Now you certainly recognize all of the methods above. Before deciding which method suits you best, it is imperative to test your skin. If you have sensitive skin it is recommended to use PUFF-IT Destructurizer hair removal powder. Waxing and shaving is not the answer for sensitive skin since it may lead to several side effects such as skin burn, swelling and scarring. But if you have normal skin you can choose shaving or waxing. However, the hair removal powder is still less painful and more comfortable.