I think most of you will approve if you are feeling exhausted, tense, or just having a bad day stepping out of the hairdresser with proper hair product makes us all feel like a million dollars! In this day and age people like to spend more and more money on hair products and hair accessories, as this is the only entertainment that could bring certain ecstasy feeling when things are done properly. This habit is not exclusively for women as there are a lot of men have joined the party.coconut oil, proper hair product

I recently discovered a hair product that contains ayuvedic herbs. You are probably asking yourself, what is ayurveda? Ayurveda is an ancient medical science. Ayuvedic herbs are used to promote the natural growth of hair follicles.

People are always looking for more proper hair product – I have heard the use of raw eggs and avocado fruit can result in hair improvement. However not everyone will want to contend with the bad odour that such products generate once applied on your hair! If you want to have maximum result without having to suffer from the odor you should pick hair oils that are all natural and have no chemicals added. The herbs used have to be antibacterial, and help with the regeneration of new hair. So finally you should look for the product that nourishes, revitalises and stimulates the growth of new and existing hair follicles.

What is interesting is that an oil based product will soaks and penetrates into the scalp. It doesn’t matter what ingredients are in your shampoo, if it doesn’t get to the hair follicles and into the scalp, it simply will not work. Conditioning agents and styling products can build up on the hair and eventually cause your hair to feel heavy and limp – this causes the bad hair day!

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