Having too much oil in the hair can be stressful, not to mention unhealthy for the hair. Excessive sebum production is the cause for greasy hair. The causes for an excessive sebum production are heredity, unhealthy eating habits, medications or improper hair care. Below are some daily treatments that can help handle greasy hair.Health hair, handle greasy hair

Know the cause of excessive oil in the hair. Shampoo problems or applying too many hair products might trigger oil glands produce much oil. Don’t use products that contain alcohol, hair shampoos with higher PH (alkaline) are a great option. Change your shampoo and don’t wash your hair often. Choice of hair style, such as ponytail or pigtail also can be the cause of greasy hair, keep it off your face and stop touching it often.

Use correct way to wash and clean your hair. Time the washing cycle to ensure you have a few days in between the last time you wash and the big day. This will help the hair to remain grease free for the entire day. Always use warm water when washing your hair as opposed to hot water.If you plan to straighten your hair, just straighten the ends on low heat because high heat causes the greater oil production and greasiness. Do not use a hair brush. Brushing will only distribute the sebum all through your hair from the roots to their ends. Combing your hair will be sufficient.

Maintain your diet will also help to handle greasy hair. Try to cut oils from your food and refrain from foods such as dairy and meat. Ensure you take in plenty of water to keep the body hydrated at all times. Consume enough protein from fish, nuts and olive oil as well as fruits and vegetables to maintain the health of the scalp.

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