Pregnant mothers will be troubled if they need to remove unwanted hair on their legs by shaving it due to the limited mobility of pregnancy. During that time, it is hard to bow down, and that is very disturbing. When mothers are pregnant, the hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy may cause intensive hair growth, not only on their hands and legs, but also on their breasts.

This increased growth of hair will eventually fall off after giving birth, but it could be embarrassing for women who do not want to expose their excessive hair. This unwanted hair could be eliminated with laser hair removal. But there is a warning to performing laser hair removal under pregnancy.

Laser Hair Removal and Pregnant Mothers

As a common method of hair removal, laser hair removal is permanent and effective. By aiming at the hair’s follicles, the heat is transferred to disable them so that the hair growth rate is decreased. But there is incomplete research on laser hair removal and pregnancy, making it impossible to claim that it is a safe method for pregnant women. So there are many advisors who do not allow laser hair removal to be conducted on pregnant mothers.

Electrolysis and Pregnant Mothers

Pregnant mothers could take into consideration of electrolysis as an alternative way to remove their unwanted leg hair. During the process, the hair follicles are destroyed by radio electric current probes inserted to them.

If you’ve heard about galvanic electrolysis, you will want to reconsider applying this method. Since it involves electrical currents passing through the body, it is not good for pregnancy. Most electrolysis operators will ask for permission and authorization from an obstetrician before performing electrolysis. The sketchy research on pregnancy and electrolysis makes obstetricians doubtful to recommend it.

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