Men may be more preferable to have their nose and ear hair removed.

Most men rely on temporary methods of hair removal for both nose and ear hair from tools such as tweezers.

An alternative method that is probably more convenient is to buy a trimmer. There are many products offered by hair manufacturers providing various choices that can be used for other facial hair removal such as for neck, eyebrow, and chin hair. While a trimmer gives short term results and may only clear the hair for a few days or weeks, it is certainly not painful if done correctly and completed quickly.

A high-quality or adequate trimmer product sold in the market costs about USD 20; it is battery-powered and very cheap.

You might prefer laser hair removal to do the job quickly but the cost is expensive. It is not worth it to perform a laser hair removal service for just a small portion of hair. You are probably stuck between choosing to use a trimmer or to perform laser hair removal. Is there another way? Of course.

Having said that, nose and ear hair are generally limited to small areas so using an electric trimmer to do the job in question can usually work when done carefully.

But actually there is a safer way to remove small parts of unwanted hair. That is by using Puff-It Miracle Powder. Made from natural ingredients taken from the mountain, this product is the safest and least painful way in removing hair. The effects can be permanent if you apply it on the hair repeatedly. For example, apply it today and the hair will not grow back for few weeks. A few weeks later it will grow back but thinner and softer. It could probably be the answer to your need of wanting your nose and ear hair to not get thicker and even not growing back any more.