Removing body hair in some areas of the body for the sake of beauty seems to be common nowadays. There are a lot of ways to remove unwanted body hair and we can find them in most beauty and skin centers. As the trend expands, there is also research and development in hair removal technology leading to more effective, efficient, painless, and economical ways to remove hair temporarily or even permanently.

NoNo hair removal is a new way to remove hair, which is used as a personal device.  It is in the form of a small USB flash disk-like device which emits thermodynamic pulses of heat using Thermicon technology to dissolve hair follicles. By using batteries as the power source, you can easily use it to zap the hair on any part of your body. You must place it at a 90-degree angle before starting the zapping process; the green indicator light on the device will help you to indicate whether you have placed the device at the correct angle or not. The zapping process happens by running a current through the hair to dissolve the hair follicles. The device will not get too hot and harm you; you may just feel warm from the device.

Just like other methods, although this one uses a quite sophisticated device to remove your body hair, the result of the zapping process by dissolving the hair follicle may result in bad smell. The shorter your hair is, the less bad smell you will have. Besides that smelly problem, this device does not have other serious issues that will affect your health so far. If you are interested with this device, why don’t you try it?