Feeling terrified each time you see so many hair falls on the floor every morning? Well, don’t be. Under normal circumstances, your natural cycle of hair growth lasts for several years. Individual hairs grow about 1 centimeter every month while they are actively growing. After a certain amount of time, between two to 5 years, your hair stops growing. Soon later it falls out and a new hair grows in the same place. Of course, every hair is growing at its own rate so that you always have some hair growing, some hair resting, and some falling out. The great majority of your hair is in the growing or resting stage at any one time.

Hair loss happens when your normal cycle is unstable, so that new hair doesn’t grow fast enough to substitute hairs that are naturally falling out. In severe hair loss and baldness, no new hairs grow to replace old ones in some areas of the scalp.

Hair loss can have many causes. Certain medications are known to affect the health of your hair – drugs used to thin the blood, birth control medication and antidepressants are among those known to cause hair loss in some people. If you experience these side effects, you should talk to your doctor about whether an alternative medication might be more appropriate.

Some medical conditions can also cause hair loss. Any major illness can cause temporary hair loss, particularly if you have had surgery or chemotherapy. Fortunately, this hair should grow back once your body fully recovers from the shock of these treatments.

don't worry over losing hair each morning

don’t worry over losing hair each morning

There are a range of treatments if you have already lost hair, but it’s also wise to maintain the health of your hair as much as possible before you start to lose it. Eating a balanced and healthy diet and taking good quality multivitamins can help to maintain the strength and health of your hair and scalp.