If you have been choosing artificial dye over the natural ones, it’s time to give a second thought to it. Natural hair dye is made from natural bases and so no side effects or health threat are related with it. On the other hand, in artificial dyes, harmful chemicals are used to give you appealing results. You will be satisfied with its results, but are unaware of what goes behind the screen.artificial dye

The artificial dyes results into serious health risks, along with hair damage and strands damage. There are also possibilities of developing bladder cancer, deadly cancers and skin diseases. In case of natural dyes, you do not have to worry concerning this aspect. Natural components are harmless and they only give positive results to you. They do not infiltrate your hair cuticles, as well.

Natural hair dye tends to reinforce your hairs in the long term without opposing any sort of damage to it. On the other hand, the chemical hair dyes often makes your hair appear lifeless and dull with prolonged usage. Some of the common natural hair dye is black tea, black walnut hulls, henna, sage, rhubarb, etc. With these materials, one can produce hair color ranging from deep black to red without any damage to the scalp or hairs.

These were some of the controversial pints between natural and chemical hair dye. It is recommended to research thoroughly prior to dying your hair with any one of these. A wise decision will benefit your hair health, though steadily, but long lasting. Chemical dyes show immediate and permanent results; however they do damage your hair health in the long run.

All in all, before using any of them, it is recommended to go for a patch test in order to see if your skin accepts it or not.