From the past hair removal trends have come and gone, used for improving beauty as well as hygienic purposes. But there are a few myths and facts about hair removal and its procedures and techniques. Here are some of the myths and facts.

Most people conveniently choose waxing, shaving, and laser treatment for unwanted hair removal as common methods to enhance their look. People believe waxing can cause thickening of hair. This is a myth. The hair removed from the root by waxing will grow back and replace the old ones, but thinner. Many experts recommend waxing since the growth rate of the hair will be less. Since it is one of the most natural ways of hair removal, it does not scratch the skin. For many people, waxing is a painful method; for some it is not. It depends on the different experiences of your hair types. If you have a thicker hair, the waxing hair removal could probably be very painful, whereas if you have a thin hair you may not feel anything.

Another myth also comes from a common method: shaving. It has been said that shaving could darken skin. If that were true, would not all men and women have dark skin? Shaving should be conducted in the right manner, and the razor should be used in the right direction. Before removing unwanted hair, applying shaving cream is necessary to make the shaving process smooth.

In the past, sugaring was considered as a less painful and safe method. In truth, it forces your hair apart from the skin in a rough manner. The sugar binds the hair and the beautician removes the hair quickly. Sometimes it can cause severe swelling on the skin. It is not the answer for safe hair removal.

It has been said that powdering (a traditional way) could not result in permanent hair removal. In fact, it requires several repeated procedures on the specific parts where the hair is to be removed. Furthermore, it is the most natural way that will not harm the skin and painless. Puff-IT Miracle Powder has answered many issues in safe, natural, and permanent hair removal. It is not wrong to try out this product.