Medication is not good for hair removal. What is the reason? Prescription medications used for any purpose usually tend to have side effects that are uncomfortable. So what is the relation between with hair removal? You want your hair to be removed permanently and comfortably. But the side effects of prescription medications can include stomach pains or dizziness, for instance. These are unnecessary to happen. You could consider safer, more permanent, and more comfortable methods that are offered by the market today, especially when they have no side effects.

Have you ever heard about Flutamide? Flutamide is a drug that is prescribed to prevent or inhibit hair growth. But the use of this drug is harmful for women. If you are a woman, you should perform a thorough blood check and monitoring when you start a flutamide medication. Spironolactone is also a medication used for inhibit hair. Some people recommend the drug since it can prevent hair growth. But you must reconsider it because it can dehydrate the body.

Suppose you have found the best medication that works for your hair removal and your doctor recommends to keep taking it. Your hair will start to become smooth and thin out or perhaps will not grow any more. But now what? You have to keep taking those medications and it will be useless if you stop the medication as your hair will grow back.

Inhibiting hair growth medications are not a permanent and comfortable solution to hair removal. At the saturation point, you will no longer be eager to take the pills and will decide to get off them.

The other big problem for most people probably comes from the goal or target of the method. A specific target to the area of the body you want the unwanted hair to be removed cannot be made. It is impossible to take the pills and have your leg hair be removed while other particular hairs remain.

Most people who take the medications have more problems or perhaps medical issues because of the method. Medication to remove the hair is not the only option. There are much better methods you can apply such as shaving, waxing, powdering, threading, and so on.