Colored hair is unlike your usual, normal hair, it has special needs for its care. In general, if your hair has been colored it will be more vulnerable to all types of damage than uncolored one. This is caused by the color treatment makes it more absorbent, which on the one hand is needed for the hair to absorb the color, but on the other hand means that the hair is likewise more susceptible to damage. Maintaining for colored hair emphases on three overall objectives: providing protection against physical damage, gently moisturizing the hair, and ensuring the color does not fade.colored hair
To avoid your colored hair from breaking, colored hair should be patted dry and not put in a towel turban. Brushing is best done when dry and then only with a wide-toothed comb. Air drying is better than blow drying, but if blow drying is essential it should stop with the hair still a bit wet to avoid static and over-drying.
Keeping your colored hair healthy, you should use conditioner regularly whenever the hair is washed. Styling products such as hairspray can actually be beneficial to the health of colored hair provided the product has conditioners and sunscreens in it. Additionally, a deep conditioning treatment should be applied about once a week to strengthen the hair. A professionally applied post-color glazing treatment is another avenue to stronger hair, and has the additional benefit of helping seal in color.
You should not wash the colored hair too frequently because it will make the color fade faster. Shampoos and conditioners especially formulated for colored hair should be employed. Some of these are designed to deposit color for an even longer-lasting look. The use of a leave-in conditioner with a sunscreen will also help protect against color fading from exposure to sunshine.
A hair care regimen for colored hair, followed properly, will result in healthier hair with long-lasting vibrant color.