Did you ever wander about how you will look without that disturbing, excessive hair? Better! That is one word that surely come across your mind. You may currently not able to fully expose your true self in the public. Not to mention those miniskirts or hot pants, even with knee-length skirts sometimes you feel uncomfortable. Yes, hair is all about style and fashion. In some countries, it is normal to have more hair than usual, but I believe that even some woman think that they need to get rid of those embarrassing, discomforting, excessive body hair.

While you want toMinimale Animale remove those unwanted hair, you might consider several depilatories like waxing, plucking, or even laser hair removal. That’s okay, each person has their own preference. But you might have not known that whatever method you used in depilatory, those hair will regrow, faster and stronger than before! Yes, the more you remove the unwanted hair, the faster they regrow. Please add a mark in your calendar in the date which you do the depilatory procedure, and see if the dates are getting closer each month. Our body is designed like that, so that is normal, you don’t need to overthink yourself.

What you actually need is something that prevents the unwanted hair to regrow, or just preventing them to reach certain thickness is already excellent. The Puff-IT miracle powder actually works that way. This works by modifying the follicle so the regrown hair won’t be as thick as before. You can do any depilatory, and apply this powder to your preferred area. Don’t worry about the smell, this permanent hair removal powder is actually formulated with natural, pleasing fragrance. Think back of your dream wearing any clothes that express you, without having to worry about showing the unwanted hair. Say good bye to your unwanted hair, and hello to your coming true self!