Have you ever wondered about your hair structure? What does it consist of? How can some people have beautiful and shiny hair and not yours? It’s better to understand a little about hair structure before proceeding to a conclusion. Hair is structured by a certain protein called keratin. Keratin which is made up of of several amino acids makes the hair fiber able to stretch and gives the hair it strength.Hair Structure

Hair itself consists of three layers. The outer cuticle, the middle cortex and the inner medulla.

The medulla sometimes consists of round cells it is the innermost layer. There is an absence of color pigments or granules. In coarse hair you may see the medulla and in fine hair the medulla is normally absent.

The cortex consists of lengthened four-sided shaped cells. It is this middle layer which is responsible for the color and strength of the hair.

The shape size and the number of the color granules determine the intensity of the hair color.

The cuticle is the outermost layer that guards the cortex. The cuticle consists of shingles like scales that overlap each other. If the cuticle is flat and healthy it radiates a natural gloss or shine. If the cuticle is damaged due to chemical processes. This damage alters the cuticle structure allowing the hair to lose it sheen and less light will be reflected from the cuticle which makes the hair appear dull. The cuticle also has no color pigments.

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