Everybody loves the smells of nice scented hair, and surely you want to leave a good impression whenever you got unexpected hug or a cutie suddenly lean on to whispers on your ear. Unfortunately people often pay more attention on how beautiful the locks then forget to take care the smells of their hair. Here are few tips to make your hair smells nice and longer:thick hair, nice scented hair

– Brush the hair regularly.

Brushing hair does more than keep it smooth and tangle-free. It also makes sure that there’s no dust or dead skin sticking to it. The more you brush it, makes all the dirt that can cause smelly hair fall away. Brush it firmly but gently to avoid breakage and splits end. Cleaning the brush afterward will also help keep the nice scent of the hair longer, since it minimizes chances of dirt getting on the hair.

– Invest on good shampoo.

Choose the shampoo scent wisely. It’s better to pick refreshing and mild scent rather than the strong one so it won’t feel suffocating. For women, fruits scent and food scent also can be a good option. Recent research found that men felt food scent, such as chocolate or strawberry on women is more alluring than other fragrance.

– Use Jasmine or Lavender oil.

Jasmine and Lavender have a soothing aroma. Putting them on hair or hairbrush after washing is a good choice to create longer soothing nice smell on your hair. Do not put too much directly on the hair though, since it will because hair locks looks greasy and dirty.

– Change pillow sheets and bed sheets regularly.

The most important thing to keep bad smells from hair is stay hygienic. Have a clean habit will help to keep the hair nice scented and clean longer. This can be done by simple act, such as change the pillow sheets and bed sheets regularly, therefore the bad smells from those sheets will not linger on the hair.

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