Unwanted hair might be an annoying problem that most women need to deal with and you will need hair removal remedy. For those who are too busy to do proper waxing or think that waxing parlor is way too expensive, these 6 ingredients from our own kitchen will be a perfect solution for DIY hair removal.coconut oil, proper hair product, hair removal remedy

  1. Sugar, lemon and honey

Mixing these three ingredients by heating them into thick mixture then spread that on the body parts that have unwanted hair after the mixture cooled down. Cover the area with the cloth strip or waxing strip, press to stick it to the paste and pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This quick mixture will act like a wax and effectively remove the unwanted hair in those parts. For Facial hair removal, use sugar and lemon juice mixture without honey.

  1. Egg white

Egg white also have same thickness as sugar and lemon mixture. The best things is that it dries quickly, therefore a good option for removing unwanted facial hair. Spread a thin layer of egg white evenly on your face and let it dried. Once dried, it will become a thin mask attached to your face. Pull this egg mask with firm hand so that the hair too comes off with it.

  1. Banana and oatmeal

For dry skin, banana is one of the best ingredients that can be used for removing unwanted hair. Banana leaves your skin soft and supple while oatmeal has the perfect texture to help exfoliate unwanted facial hair but soft enough to not harming your skin. Mixing these two ingredients made them a good home remedy for removing unwanted facial hair. Mash the banana and add oatmeal to it. Apply this paste to face and rub in circular motion. Do this for about 15 minutes before washing it off with water.

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