It’s Sunday and Sunday means total body treatment! Yes! Sunday is what you need to do those “a little bit” painful activity we called depilatory, a process of removing hair from your body. Don’t worry, it’s not just hair, but rather unwanted hair. There are several methods todo your depilatory at home, but let’s just give a few words about ones with less risk, sugaring and waxing.How-to-Make-Hair-Removal-Wax-at-Home

Sugaring, a method of hair removalpracticed in Middle East by using natural paste or gel from food derived ingredients, like sugar, water, honey, and lemon juice to remove hair follicle from the root. It is also called by sugar waxing although not a correct term, but people tend to call it like that because it is done very similar to waxing. You just need to mix the ingredients, and heat it up. When it’s mixed well, let it cool a little. Clean your skin with baby powder or similar. Apply the mixture in the area you want, then cover completely with a piece of cloth. When the mixture sis already cold, pull the cloth along with your unwanted hair in the area. This method gives less pain than the other one.

Waxing is what we call the other. It is called waxing because you will used a special prepared wax to do the job. The preparation is quite easy because the wax is available in stores, you don’t need to prepare at home, just get a piece of cloth. Usually, you just need to apply the wax on preferred area, cover with cloth, and when the wax is dried, pull it off in one go, that way, it won’t hurt for too long. Different with sugaring, that has some elements to soothe the pulling process, waxing just provide you with a method to pull hair from its root.

Whichever you choose, make sure to do it properly and don’t forget to put on Puff-IT Miracle Powder right after for longer, permanent result. Girls, love your body, then someone will surely come to love you. Be the best to yourself, and be nice to the others. Happy Sunday!