Having a nice smooth hairless skin is so amazing that a lot of women undergo painful process of waxing, though unfortunately side effects of waxing won’t always just leave you hairless. Waxing most of the time bring aftermath of redness, breakouts, ingrown hair and more. Especially for those who have sensitive skins, but no need to worry because these simple after waxing treatments can be very helpful for your skin.smooth, after waxing treatment

For those who have sensitive skin, it is better to always had soothing gel handy when you plan to do waxing, especially for self-waxing. Use products that are from aloe based gel, since the antibacterial substance in aloe helps soothe skin and subdue the redness and inflammation. Tea bags brewed and then cooled placed on the eyes also helps after waxing the brows. The anti-oxidant in tea helps to reduce puffiness that might happen.

Avoid direct contact with sun and cover it up. For sensitive skins, if possible to stay away from direct sunlight for at least 24 hours before AND after the procedure. Direct contact with sunlight will make any redness and inflammation worse. Sweat and dirt will also make uncomfortable feeling and even stings. In case going out is unavoidable, cover up the skin that just waxed with light clothes and applies some mineral make up during after waxing treatment. Mineral makeup is light on the skin and allows it to breathe more than liquid or cake foundation and concealer

Pay more attention to your skin after waxing and know when it’s not normal. If the skin is extremely painful for days, bleeds, is torn off or scabs, then something isn’t right. At times, an infection can develop on areas where there was bleeding or a lot of irritation. Occasionally, a piece of skin may get torn during waxing and infections can occur if no immediate medical treatment given. Seek professional help at once before it getting worse is the right thing to do.

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