Although technically the laser hair removal method cannot be confirmed as a permanent hair removal, it is as long lasting as hair removal can be. There is a lack of competitors on the market nowadays that can offer better results than laser hair removal.

What does permanent hair removal mean? It means that those hair follicles will not grow back the unwanted hair. That means you have a hairless body. What results do hair removal methods offer? Available methods in the marketplace offer various results depending on the necessity. The problem is, regarding permanent results, there are always semi-permanent methods that claim themselves as a permanent method.

The FDA has approved electrolysis as a permanent hair removal system that would guarantee permanent result. Laser hair removal is approved but under the definition of permanent hair reduction. What is the difference between hair removal and hair reduction?

Permanent hair removal means that the hair removed will not grow back, while hair reduction allows the hair to grow back. Hair reduction offers long lasting results and possibility for permanency so that it is often called as semi-permanent hair removal. There is a possibility for permanent results from hair reduction, but it does not mean that you could expect your hair will grow back after applying laser hair removal. Major clients do not have any sort of rate of growing back. Some people experience permanent results while other minor patients feel the results probably for 3 or 6 years.

Laser hair removal offers hair reduction of up to 90% of the hair growth rate. It may not be able to remove all excess hair but you can experience the removal of the majority of your unwanted hair. Laser hair removal cannot confirm permanent results because of that 90%, so the FDA prefer to label this system as hair reduction.