Health hairYour body reflects your health, that is true. But did you know that for the most part, our hair is also a reflection of our health. If our hair is fragile, brittle, and dry, perhaps our body is trying to tell us something. There can be a lot of reasons behind unhealthy hair on our head. For some of you who still didn’t know about this, you’d better read this article thoroughly and make sure you get useful knowledge. There are reasons why our hair looks unhealthy:

  1. Lack of nutrition. Whether you are on a very tight diet or simply lead an unhealthy lifestyle, your hair may be lacking important nutrients. A healthy head of hair needs protein, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin A. Most of us are currently missing a lot of these nutrients from our daily diets. These lacks can easily lead to loss of hair. Some foods which can make your hair shiny and healthy include: salmon, spinach, carrots, Brazil nuts, oysters, and walnuts, low fat dairy, whole grains and vegetables.
  2. Over-styling could make your hair damaged as well. Blow drying, bleaching, and even over-brushing can gradually weaken your hair. You may not see the results directly, but make sure that you are gentle when handling your hair.
  3. Sun damage. Did you know that the sun can also do damage on your hair, not just your skin? Too much sun can turn your hair into a dry, brittle mop which breaks and splits easily. Choosing hair care products with sunscreen in them can help protect your tresses. You should also avoid spending a lot of time in the sun.
  4. Gray hair is usually genetic. Only a select few people can experience gray hair due to anemia, thyroid issues, vitamin B12 deficiency, and vitiligo.