Summer is coming, beach is calling, and it is the time to get that beautiful summer glow. While busily having fun playing and enjoy summer holiday, being exposed to sunlight sometimes is inevitable for the skin. The danger of overexposure to sunlight is vary, and can cause physical changes on the skin such as wrinkles, freckles, age spots, and texture changes. Those issued can be minimized if we take these small prevention act as explained below, but still be able to get that amazing and healthy sun-kissed skin.sun-kissed skin

Never forget to reapply the sun screens. People often remember to make points of applying sun screen before they enjoy outdoor summer activity, more often neglect to re-apply the sun screen. The best time to re-apply sun-screen is about 30-45 minutes after being exposed to sunlight. Also, if you did some aquatic activity, it is much recommended to re-apply the sunscreen as often as possible.

Properly exfoliate your skin to achieve the best possible tan outdoors before sun exposure. Exfoliation of skin helps removes the dead cells from the uppermost layer of the skin. The less layer of dead skin cells build on the surface of your skin will lessen the barrier which will make your tan last longer. Other benefit of exfoliate the skin is that the summer glow will appear and fade in the same time. The pores is cleaned equally beforehand and allow the skin absorb the sun light evenly.

Understand that when the skin reached its cut-off time for melanin production, you will not get any tanner but serious case of sunburns. Melanin is the pigment on the skin that makes the darker shade in the skin surface. Everyone have different melanin cut-off, therefore getting overexposure of sunlight is pointless. Know what best for your own skin and follow these easy step will help you achieve that beautiful glow and healthy sun-kissed skin of the season.

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