There are reasons for shaving off the entire head.
One of the interesting body parts that people want to shave off hair from is their head. Head shaving can be done quickly with the help of other family members or it can be done by yourself. Sometimes people want to shave their head completely bald to look clean and fresh, and no longer worry about dandruff. Head shaving can be easily done at home and the procedure is quite simple.

Equipment needed varies depending on how thick and long is the hair. It is certain that you need a sharp new razor for this job since a lot of hair will need to be removed to make the head bald. If you have long hair, it is recommended to use electric clippers beforehand.

Firstly, cut your long hair or make it short with hair scissors. Reduce the length of your hair using electric hair clippers. If your hair is quite long, you need to get your hair down to size first. Remove the long hair first until the length of your hair reaches about 5-10 cm. That is the ideal length for shaving your hair until bald.

When you are about to start shaving, it is better to get your hair wet. This can be done with shaving foams or by washing your hair with shampoo in advance. It is supposed to give better results, as your hair gets wet and softer. Get a mirror into a desired position so that you can monitor the hair removal.

The next step is start shaving. Stroke your razor in right direction of your hair; do not rush to do it. Just relax and keep it as safe as possible.

This shaving method can harm your skin so make sure that your skin is clean of dust or any dirt that will interfere with the shaving procedure. When you have finished shaving, wash your head and dry it with a dry towel. If you feel any irritations on the skin, use Aloe Vera to heal it.