Laser hair removal has been applied since the late 1900s. Before that, there had been ancient techniques such as shaving and threading to remove unwanted hair. How has hair removal been popular over the decades? Here is a brief history of hair removal methods before the invention of laser hair removal.

In the early 1900s, razor blades were invented. Before the invention, shaving tools were washed and re-used to remove the hair. Gillette was the very first company that produced disposable razor blades.

16 years later, an American inventor named Paul Kree found electrolysis. This method was the new wave of hair removal methods at that time. People were very eager to apply galvanic electrolysis. Electrolysis technologies continue to be developed since 1900s until now.

In about the 1930’s, the first electric razor became widespread on the marketplace. Before that happened, shaving was always in demand. The inventor was named Schick; in the first launching of the electric razor product, he explained that the system allowed hairy areas to be smoothed away painlessly. This was a new boom that people would never miss.

A decade later, depilatory creams and lotions, as chemical hair removal systems, came to the market. The brand-new method attracted many who seek hair removal. The chemical process resulted in smooth and soft skin. It was quite popular with women.

Laser hair removal system was invented during the mid-1900s but earlier products received many complaints since the process involved was too painful and marred by side effects. As time passed, the technology was improved and became more sophisticated. The side effects like pain had decreased. Laser hair removal has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) that ensures sanitation of food, medical devices and services.

In late 2010, all the hair removal methods were at their peak. There was no single best hair removal method since people in the world have different demands and decisions. An ancient way such as threading is even being used nowadays. There is no absolute measure of what is the best method of hair removal.

In early 2011, the FDA had approved some brand-new hair removal systems such as e-Pen, creams, and powders. These new methods added to a long list of options that can be applied for hair removal.