Some people say that the hair is the crown. Most of us will be proud to have healthy hair. Regrettably, there are not many people are able to succeed this because of the loss of their hair. Once they attempted to actually do something about their state, they fail in their struggles. What could possibly go wrong that’s causing them to miss out on getting a nice head of hair?healthy hair men and woman

To put it simply, there are certain substances your hair needs in order to grow. Your hair needs many nutrients along with a few other things we will look at in order to grow. There are specific nutrients that aid in the growth of your hair. Some of them are zinc, iron, magnesium, biotin, saw palmetto, green tea, pumpkin seed, and nettle root. These are just a small list of the whole hundreds. .

When those substances are consumed in the proper servings as part of your diet, you will soon begin to notice a change in the growth of your hair. But before you can start that change, it’s important that you learn to stop the loss of your hair. Again rather than going out and spending money on various commercial hair loss products, you can easily curb the problem naturally. For men, if they take saw palmetto daily, it will block DHT. DHT is a hair loss causing hormone that is produced as a result of testosterone in the body.

High levels of DHT will lead to hair loss. That’s inevitable and scientists are still trying to figure out what it is about this hormone that causes this to happen. For both men and women, four cups of green tea will work to produce the same effects. Green tea not only blocks DHT, but it also promotes growth of more hair due to its compounds.