Dandruff makes your scalp feels itchy for most of the days. Have you heard that using inappropriate shampoo or conditioner just make it worse? If you are using hair products that are not giving solution to your dandruff and making your dry itchy scalp worse than before, you’d better stop now and give your hair and scalp a break to see if it improves. Sometimes the unnatural additives may make the redness and burning far worse and if steps are not taken quite soon you will end up with more dandruff and the itching and burning and scalp problems may become quite unbearable.dandruff

Natural treatments for Dandruff and itchy scalp are usually not harmful at all and conditions the hair and scalp and gives it life and energy and can be strengthening and soothing without all the harsh chemicals and some simple, kitchen cupboard remedies can help to soothe the red itchy scalp and flakiness.

Natural solutions for dandruff

  • Cold Tea with half a lemon squeezed into it, apply to scalp and leave for one hour, then rinse off
  • Massage hair and scalp with corn oil and leave on at least one hour. Shampoo off –
  • Massage olive oil with 5 drops of Tea Tree essential oil, leave on as long as possible. Shampoo off
  • Massage with apple cider vinegar diluted with water onto scalp, leave on one hour and wash off
  • Salt rubbed into the hair and scalp is another home remedy that may help you get rid of the dandruff
  • Believe it or not Mayonnaise is excellent to condition hair and scalp because of the oil in it.
  • Massage Neem soap into your hair and scalp and rinse off

You can try these natural solutions at home and feel the improvement in your dandruff.