The use of hair removal is becoming more and more common nowadays, and the development of hair removal technology becomes more and more significant. From tweezing, plucking, waxing, and even using lasers, hair removal methods certainly have developed intensively over the past five decades. And now, we are introduced to a brand new hair removal technology, the Finally Free hair removal kit, which is said to be painless and has permanent results. This is the information on their web site about this product:

The Finally Free hair removal uses radio technology combined with a sophisticated device to create a method of painless and permanent hair removing, How come? First of all, this method is very similar to electrolysis, but the difference is that this method uses radio waves to kill the hair at the root by sending a cool, dry wave through the hair and destroying its ability to grow, and secondly, this method does not directly run currents inside skin, so it will not make your skin turn red or bruised.

This device has two attachments, for individual hair and for hair in a specific area. The individual attachment is used to remove hair one by one; it is suitable for eyebrows, upper lips, breasts, or any other area with stray hair. Just hold the unwanted hair between the specially designed tips and the device will send radio frequency waves through the hair and kill the root. Hold the hair for about a minute and the hair will gently and painlessly slide out with the root on it. It means that the hair has lost the ability to grow back.

The second device is used for removing unwanted hair from larger area using patches. The patches have a conductive gel that allows the waves to travel through all the hairs in contact with the patch. Different with sugaring or waxing, this patch is not for pulling out the hair, but simply treating them so they cannot grow any more.

However, taking 30-60 seconds for a single hair is quite ridiculous and a waste of time. Some people on other web sites have complained about the product’s performance and that it does not work against thick hair and even how the president of the company claimed this product as a scam.