Hello to you all, thinking about buying and trying the Puff Powder? Well I have been using this product for 6 weeks now, twice a day, after waxing my chest and underarms, as you have no choice if you want results quick, and that’s from using a little over one sachet as I am 6 ft 2 and weight 105 kgs. Everything the Puff website says has happened exactly like they described, your hairs just die, and with tweezers, the hairs sort of just slide out of your skin with hardly or no pain at all, unlike your other hairs that are still alive, just be careful not to put too much powder on your 2 fingers left and right hands as you will waste it, I found sitting back in a seat better as you can spill the powder on your clothes or the floor if your not careful. Instead of tweezing I am going to wax the rest of dead hairs off, much quicker for me, so I can start on the other areas I want to treat, bottom line this Puff Powder works, yall
Oh, and its cheap!