Using the technique of waxing to remove facial hair requires some care.

Waxing hair removal is a simple and easy method to remove unwanted facial hair and keep it away for weeks. Facial hair is one of the most irritating things for women since it creates an awkward appearance. Waxing can be done freely at home using common facial hair waxing removal kits and it does not take much money to get one. Depending on the hair growth rate, waxing effects will last for at least 2 weeks. If you use it regularly, it will make your hair softer and less dense.

First thing you need to do is buy the right waxing kit. There are several products that provide the complete tools needed for the waxing procedure. Prepare your skin first before waxing. Clean your skin with a mild cleanser to remove dirt from the skin. Secondly, read the instructions included with the product. Test a little of the wax material on the back of your hand to ensure the product is not too hot for your skin. Further consideration is needed for sensitive skin since waxing can probably cause skin burn.

After ensuring the wax is safe to be used, apply wax on the desired part of your face. Pull the skin gently and peel the wax off from your face. When you have already removed all the unwanted hair, wash your face with warm water and apply moisturizer to smoothen your skin. There are two main types of wax hair removal: cold and hot. The cold wax is suggested instead due to the pain and (probably) skin burn effect caused by hot wax.

The main differences between hot waxing and cold waxing are the effects. Hot waxing is slightly painful to perform but gives the best results. Your hair will not grow back for several weeks. Applying cold wax needs repetition for several times to get the best results. Both methods are recommended. It depends on which method that suits your skin. It is advised that you do not use hot tubs, swimming pools, and perfumes one day before waxing since they burn your skin.