Both women and men want to look good and feel great with their body. From their feet up, they want to have a groomed look. One thing that causes a lot of trouble is the unwanted body hair. Unwanted body hair can make you look very dirty and untidy. Many women have these kinds of problems and usually rely on laser hair removal (see facts on laser hair removal) to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Hair removal is a method of removing unwanted hair from the body. The unwanted hair usually exists on arms, legs, underarms, the bikini line, and even on the face.

Women and men will definitely look for various ways to get rid of them.

Before going to the hair removal methods, let us consider the two classes of hair removal techniques:

Depilation: Hair removal technique that involves a removal procedure from above the surface of the skin. The effect is semi-permanent because this technique does not kill hair follicles so hair will grow back again.

Epilation: Hair removal technique that involves a removal procedure from the roots of the hair below the skin surface. The effect is either semi-permanent (but lasts longer than depilation techniques) or permanent since it targets hair follicles directly.

We must know about the depilation technique since it is used from the ancient time. The example of a depilation technique is shaving. But we will discuss more about the epilation technique since permanent hair removal method is in high demand. There are several methods of the epilation technique.

Epilation technique usually uses devices that remove hair by picking up several hairs at once. It basically proceeds to weaken hair follicles and pull the hairs out from the root. The main disadvantage of using epilators is the painful process since it pulls the hairs from the root directly. Waxing is an example of an epilation technique. It is a rough way to kill hair follicles because of the quite strong substances included in the wax.

But there is a smoother and less painful depilation technique that we can try. It uses ahair removal powder. The procedure is almost the same. It involves the removal of hair by killing hair follicles. But this way is more natural because the powder consists of a natural substance that will not harm your skin. The best product you can apply is Puff-IT Miracle Powder. After applying it, probably you will consider it as the No. 1 hair removal product.