A compact device has been developed that performs electrolysis easily.

Hair removal methods have been very popular among us. We find it to be beneficial to our appearance. It can boost self-confidence. Hair removal method has been practiced for thousands years by our ancestors.

Shaving is one of the oldest ways to remove unwanted hair. But this does not actually remove hair permanently since it cuts hair above the surface of the skin. A more effective and easier way is by using electrolysis.

Electrolysis is known as a painful method since it uses needles to kill the hair follicles. The other thing that is bothersome is the complicated way to get the procedures. We must schedule an appointment with the professional and adjust our budgets, research, and do other complicated preparations that take much time.

But those issues have been eliminated by a new innovation of electrolysis method: ePen. It painlessly removes unwanted hair. The ePen works as a hair removal professional would do. The difference is its low cost and effectiveness. You can use it at home without requiring you to go to a professional and spend a lot of money to apply for electrolysis. While common electrolysis will demand a professional consultant, you can apply electrolysis by using ePen yourself. You can use it easily without the risk of scarring.

The ePen is made from typical technology used by experts or professionals in spas and salons. By using adhesive pads, the ePen can remove small or large areas. It is the safest and fastest method ever. Using a sophisticated electrolysis technology, it kills hair follicles and prevents hair from growing back for a long time or even permanently. It has been clinically certified that this new hair removal system will remove hair permanently. It features the best performance not only in removing unwanted hair effectively, but also in the guarantee of the convenience of the removal process.

Using galvanic technology, it is completely painless and safe. Have you ever tried threading, shaving, and waxing? You will feel pain after conducting those methods. Some side effects even get worse: skin burn, scar, and so on. The ePen is a right choice for permanent and painless hair removal. A permanent result can be achieved in just a single treatment. Decide what best for your hair and don’t exclude this method.