We all shed our hair by a little every day and t is not a hair loss. But when you see worrying amounts of your fallen hair more than normal, there are chances that you are suffering from hair loss and you are yet to discover it. You have all the right to be anxious. And it is better to start doing something about it.

For a man in his early 30s, he could easily be suffering from male pattern baldness. Though this might be a common occurrence among males, it is not essentially good on you. While baldness is unavoidable, you might as well take some precautionary steps so that it won’t occur on you. On the other hand, women and children may suffer from hair fall too so they better note of the abnormal changes in their mane every so often.

If the hair you shed is around 10,000 strands of hair every day, that could still be considered as normal. Anything more than that is a call for panic. Don’t worry though. Your case is still curable at home with the right hair loss shampoo and the proper hair care practices. Never wait for your condition to get worse before you start selecting the right hair growth shampoo because it could be too late by then.

Hair thinning is curable at home only if it is still in its early stages. For advanced male pattern baldness, you might have to go to a hair doctor and consider a transplant or any other modern hair growth methods. While anti hair fall shampoos may still work on you, it won’t necessarily get you the desired results as fast as a clinical procedure.

If you still have at least 50% percent of your hair still intact, you can still use hair fall solutions at home and benefit from it greatly. Just be sure that you get the right hair loss shampoo and you’ll definitely see noticeable improvements on your thinning hair.