Frequently Asked Questions

[toggle title=”Is it safe to use on all skin types or on any part of the body ?” opened=”no” ]Puff IT is made from 100% natural ingredients, and thus it is suitable for most skin types and most types of the body. However as a general rule, you should always do a ‘skin-patch’ test before using any skin product.
It is NOT RECOMMENDED to use Puff IT on eyebrows and other areas requiring precise shaping, and sensitive areas such as the perineum, anus, vulva, and so on. Avoid contact with eyes.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What is your shipping policy ?” opened=”no” ]Shipping is a flat rate of $22 to any part of the world. It does include labor, packaging, shipping & handling fees. We can ship up to 5 sachets at no extra charge; after that $10 will be charged for every multiple of 5 sachets purchased. Please note that shipping fees are not refundable.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What is your warranty and return policy ?” opened=”no” ]We offer a 90-day money back guarantee. You do not need to return unused sachets to us, no hassles and no questions asked. We are so confident that it will work and you will definitely come back for more! Some terms and conditions apply.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How do I use this powder ?” opened=”no” ]The powder just needs to be applied on the areas with hair every day after showering. It does not need to be mixed with anything. The powder can be used as an epilator and growth inhibitor. You do not have to apply more to thicker hairs; just apply thinly and evenly everyday. The key is patience and regular usage; full instructions will be provided with every purchase.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How can I tell if the powder is working ?” opened=”no” ]When using tweezers, hairs can be plucked out painlessly, an indication that the root has died. Hair growth will be slowed and some hair will turn a light color (in one case from black to blond) or became really thin and invisible, unless seen under a light. Some thick, stubborn hairs will require more treatment.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How many packages will I need ?” opened=”no” ]It depends on the individual’s genetics, hormone level, and hair structure. One sachet gave a person almost 2 months of daily usage on the underarm. We recommend treating one area at a time. The key, again, is patience and regular usage; not even lasers can guarantee instant results.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Why is there no customer review or website on the powder ?” opened=”no” ]The powder is currently a secret known only to distant rural villagers. We are the only one to introduce it to the world. We offer a money-back guarantee for new buyers.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Is there anything that I cannot do while using the product ?” opened=”no” ]We recommend an epilatory method such as waxing to pull out hair. Please do not use or take any oral skin nutrients or other skin products on the area. Most of these products nourish the skin and hair follicles. Those with very dry skin can try using baby oil once a week.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Why cannot we use depilatory methods or shaving ?” opened=”no” ]Shaving can be done but it will take longer and it is less effective than epilatory hair removal methods such as waxing, which we recommend. Shaving does not remove the hairs from the root and thus penetration to the root will be slower. It will be the same as leaving the powder and waiting for the hairs to fall off, which will take at least six months for women, and more for men as their body hair are in general thicker. We recommend waxing, at least once or twice, and using tweezers every once in a while. Tweezing will be less painful after using the powder, and eventually it will become painless.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Why use PayPal when I have credit cards ?” opened=”no” ]There are many benefits to using PayPal:
* Extra security for debit and credit cards. When you make a PayPal payment with your debit or credit card, your card details are not revealed. Also, you’ll get PayPal’s exclusive fraud prevention and security tools.
* Faster checkout, because you only have to enter your username and password to make your purchase. You no longer have to enter your financial and personal information every time you want to buy something online.
* Ability to send money to friends and family.
* Exclusive fraud prevention with dedicated specialists who monitor transactions 24/7 to protect you against fraud, plus extensive protection from unauthorized payments sent from your account.[/toggle]