Depilatory methods may be helpful ways for men to remove bodily hair.
In the past, it was believed that body hair was a symbol of masculinity. A man was called as a gentle guy if they had lots of body hair. But today the issues are different. From the women’s point of view, a man’s masculinity is not judged from how many “hairs” he has but how tidy and hygienic he appears. And a masculine man with body hair is probably out of the question. The trend has changed. Now men are looking for depilatory hair removal. Some of the best hair removal products, including this powder, are now available in stores.

Depilatories are products that remove hair semi-permanently by extracting the hair above the surface of the skin. As the hair follicles are not pulled, this method is nearly painless. It is the reason why this method is popular amongst men. Shaving, creams, powdering, and gels are depilatory methods. Previously, men used women’s depilatory products to remove their unwanted hair. They were not adequate since they were not formulated for the thick and strong male hair. And the result was not satisfying. Due to the high demand of hair removal products for men, some companies have offered depilatories for men.

The depilatories distributed in the market are mostly in the form of gels, sprays, or creams. Depilatory creams usually contain a mixture of calcium thioglycolate and sodium thioglycolate which function to disintegrate the proteins of the hair. In this way men can remove their hair quickly, simply, and with less pain. Compared with shaving, the effect lasts longer. Depilatories prevent hair follicles from growing back the hair rapidly. You just need to use it once a month in contrast with shaving, which requires daily usage.

Before buying depilatories you need to think about several important things. Depilatories contain some harsh chemical substances that are not recommended for sensitive skin. Whether for sensitive skin or normal skin, you should test the product first on a small area of your body to check for side effects that may happen.

Depilatories are indeed a convenient way of removing unwanted hair for all its reasons. It is one of the best options to remove unwanted hair without suffering from pain.