People tend to make themselves to look more beautiful or handsome. Many kinds of effort have been done in order to achieve the beauty, from putting on makeup, exercising, up to removing unwanted hair. Hair removal has various kinds or methods, from using shavers, waxes, threads, even lasers and IPLs. Some people who are in good financial condition would prefer to have waxing or lasers in order to remove their unwanted hair, but some people who can’t afford to pay the cost would use a cheaper way, yet with the same result as those kind of therapies. One of them is using Chemical Depilatories.

Chemical depilatories hair removal are creams, gels or lotions that contain the calcium salts of thioglycolic acid, used for removing hair from the skin surface by disrupting the disulfide bonds that constitute the protein keratin of the hair shafts. In other words, it disassembles your hair. This kind of treatment is commonly used by women for their body hair. The areas that are usually treated are arms and legs, and also in the areas where the cream may be used, such as underarms and bikini lines, but more attention should be put to the bikini line because it is very sensitive. The chemical depilatories are available in cream, gel, lotion, powder, and even aerosol forms, chosen based on your needs. They remove the hair from the surface only, not from the root, so this can only last for 2 – 5 days.

This kind of treatment is easy to use; just apply them in the areas that you want the hair to be removed. It is also painless; you don’t need to feel pain like waxing or having laser treatments. The result is also very quick and you can see the result as soon as the treatment is done. The chemicals are also relatively inexpensive, so you can choose the chemicals based on your need and financial conditions. But it also has weaknesses like bad smell, allergic reactions, and frequent use in order to get maximum results.

Lastly, those substances are artificial and will bring side effects, more or less. So be sure to choose your hair removal methods wisely, for your own body and health.