Hair Removal by Sugaring involves applying sugar paste on the body to pull out hair.

In ancient times, hair removal was a crucial beauty treatment. Both men and women were taught seriously by their parents to take care of smooth skin. For health reasons, removing body hair was done in order to keep odors and bugs away.

Sugar paste and threading were popular techniques used in the ancient time. Sugar paste is almost similar to waxing; the process involves extraction of hair roots. Now you can buy sugar paste in the supermarket, or if you want to make your own hair removal sugar paste, it can be done easily. Combine one cup of sugar, lemon juice, and honey. Mix them in a pan and boil for three minutes. Stir the mixture until it gets very thick. Let it cool.

Clean the area where you want to remove hair with warm water. Spread the mixture onto the area of the unwanted hair and cover it with a clean thin cloth. Pull the cloth quickly away from the skin against the direction of hair growth. This process is painful, but less painful than waxing method. Moreover, making your own sugar paste hair removal is less expensive and easier.

Haldi poultice utilizes a mix of powdery ingredients to remove hair.

Besides sugar paste, ancient people also used the Haldi poultice method. Haldi poultice is a mixture of yoghurt, haldi (turmeric), and besan flour. Turmeric comes from India. So you can buy it at Asian or Indian department stores to get the items. This method is not so complicated. Just spread the mixture thoroughly on the area of the hair. Leave it until dry (a faster way is expose the area to the sun). Then rub the poultice away against the direction of hair growth.

The result of the Haldi poultice method is not quick. This method must be done repeatedly over weeks or months. It will reduce the hair growth so you can see your hair getting thinner and softer.

The third ancient technique is threading. The method is simple. You stick a twisted cotton thread on the skin and pull the hairs out. This is indeed painful. But it takes only a few seconds to perform this procedure. Threading is known as a conventional way since it is the top choice of people in the U.S. and Europe. Although sugaring, Haldi poultice, and threading are the oldest hair removal methods, they are still used by people.