Flawlessly smooth and hairless underarms—that’s one beauty goal many women share. Instead of plucking or shaving, underarm waxing is the answer to all of your summertime prayers. Sure, there are some concerns about this method- the price and the pain for example. But, once you embrace the correct procedure, there are more benefits of waxing underarms hair.smooth, after waxing treatment, waxing underarm hair

Waxing removes your hair from the root, which gives you smoother underarms. Not only are your underarms are hair free for up to four weeks, you can say a permanent goodbye to the skin irritation, nicks and painful ingrown hairs that often come with shaving such a delicate area. The grown hair also is less visible and much thinner than the original hair.

Compare to shaving and plucking, waxing underarms hair cause no cuts or nicks that can leave you with scars, especially for whom who has skin susceptible to discoloration even for a minor cut. Shaving and plucking also might cause rashes on sensitive skin. Shaving too often also interrupts the skin’s natural cycle. It exposes new cells prematurely, which leads to damaged and open pores.

To make the waxing process easier, some precaution can be taken before hand. Proper exfoliate your underarms to clear dirt and impurities. It will unblocks hair follicles, which makes it easier to release hair and makes the waxing process less painful. For optimum results, make sure that your hair is about ¼ inches long. If your underarm hair is longer than that, trim it to the right length before you wax. When waxing, stretch the arm being waxed tightly and wax small area at a time, so that you don’t miss the hair in the folds of skin. Now, no more worries about exposing wisps of hair when wearing your favorite tube top or dress. Smoother underarms gives the courage to wear anything and embrace summertime.

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