About Us

Hair Removal Powder – A New Permanent Hair Removal Method Inspired by Traditional Procedures

Puff-IT Inc. was founded in East Java, Indonesia in November 2007. It is the sole distributor of a new permanent hair removal method inspired by traditional procedures that is only available in Indonesia. Our mission is to introduce a global solution to hair removal that is painless, natural, economical, convenient and long-lasting. We believe that we can be the global leader in the hair removal industry.

Puff-IT Miracle Powder is a unique blend of patented ingredients that is SIMPLE, NATURAL and ECONOMICAL. It has been proven effective by the local rural people; of course, this secret is not widely known to the world. We exist to introduce this solution in the hair removal industry. This is a traditional and simple solution that scientists have overlooked in desperation of searching for effective permanent hair removal methods.

Puff-IT Inc. currently markets our product only by the Internet and eBay; this is the only way to link the distant rural areas to the rest of the world. Because we have confidence in our product, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee for all of our new customers. We believe you will definitely return for more!