Would you like to have a beautiful hair? Sure everybody would. It is one of the important women’s asset. Some men even look for a partner from its hair. These are small tips on how to have beautiful hair. One thing for sure, you need to do the below tips regularly. You will not get maximum effect if you did not do it regularly.beautiful hair

Brush your hair thoroughly before washing. This method will stimulates blood supply to your scalp, and removes dead skin cells. Use a gentle brush when you are doing it. You should slow down than go fast and have the risk pulling it out.

Have a conditioning treatment frequently especially if you color your hair or using chemical to straighten your hair. Do conditioning treatment and deep conditioning treatment once a week. You can use coconut oil which is good for your hair. First brush your hair, wash it, and then towel dry. Apply conditioner and wrap your head in heated towel so that the conditioner soaks in. Leave it for 10 minutes to 1/2 hour. After that rinse thoroughly in warm water so that conditioner residue is removed. Then have cool water on your hair to close the hair cuticle. Warm water will open your hair cuticle and cool water to close it.

Give a break once a week to your hair from shampooing, blow drying and heat styling. You do not need to wash your hair every day, unless you have a dirty job or often got sweat.

Get a haircut when it needs to be. This will reduce split ends and prevent breakage due to excess weight from your hair. Usually if you have a shoulder length hair or longer, once every 8 weeks is normal and once every 6 weeks for shorter one.