Some myths about laser hair removal still persist.

Laser hair removal has become a popular choice of hair removal methods for many American citizens. Many people will spend their money as the results of this method are now undisputed. With so many people relying on this method to remove unwanted hair, more expanding and spreading it every day, and more attempting it at home, it is time to know about laser hair removal facts and myths.

Myth#1: it is a painful method. The fact is, it is not painful at all although many patients experienced or felt a tickling or stinging sensation. Some people fear the pain of laser hair removal, while in actuality hot waxing and electrolysis are more painful.

Myth#2: it does not work well in dark skin. In the past, many people had complaints about the poor results of laser hair removal on darker skin. This is not true. With recent developments in the science of laser hair removal, the technology can remove hair from even the darkest of skins. It is recommended however, to consult your skin with the physician that will perform the laser hair removal to ensure that your skin treatment is in the right hands and uses up-to-date equipment.

Myth#3: it takes years to get this treatment done. This is quite untrue. Indeed, it requires several repeated procedures to remove up to 90-95% of your unwanted hair. The entire procedures only take up 6-8 weeks. Theoretically, to get permanent results it only takes 2 months to finish.

Myth#4: it is too expensive. A visit costs you $40-$60. You only do it 4-6 times to get permanent results for the rest of your life. Spending $300 to get permanent hair removal that lasts until death is not expensive compared to buying your daily needs in a year.

Myth #5: it is not safe. Laser hair removal uses lasers that aim directly at the pigment in hair. In fact, laser hair removal tools only use lasers that are attracted to it. It means that the laser targets only the hair follicles and leaves the skin surface safe. Having been studied by many experts, and having been approved by the FDA, this procedure is worthy to be applied.