People are getting curious about 2016 waxing trend. Hair removal is something that people do on regular basis, so getting new methods or ways to do it is important. However, certain techniques such as waxing will always have the place in people’s preference. Based on that concern, new ways of waxing is being invented even now. This 2016 waxing trend is what people prefer more than the other method, and here is how they are done.conventional hair removal

The Vajacial. This is a new 2016 waxing trend where women are treated a facial for their vagina. This is completed between waxing treatments, and retains the skin supple, smooth, and helps prevent ingrown hairs and acne. This service preserves the radiance going all year long, rather than just after getting wax treatments.

The Vajazzle. Everyone affects a tiny bling today, and this is no unlike. With the vajazzle, women are accumulating some “bling” to their vaginal area. They can have an unusual design, consider butterfly, to their waxed pubic area. There are abundantly of choices to select from, giving women a way to enhance a little of their character down there.

The Bro-zilian. This is the masculine form of the women’s Brazilian wax job. Invented by Goldman, men are lining up to follow the “Magic Mike” trend of taking it all off down there.

Sexy brows. The eyes have it all, and with the right brow, people will have a smoking hot look all year round. This year, Kathy says the trend will be in having sexy eyebrows, waxed to artistic perfection.

People are always intrigued by these services when they hear about them, then they try them and fall in love. The more you can do to help make yourself feel and look as sexy as you want to be, is always a good trend.

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